1.  Navigate to

2.  Click Log in & Support    ( allowing it to log in with facebook is the quickest way)

3.  In the business name box type RRB Games.  (it is CASE sensitive)

4.  Click search

5.  Click Support 



This is RRB Games.  We are unique and successful.       

As with any burgeoning business we are not as successful as we would like to be. Our media side has been gaining popularity but we have yet to fully implement our e-commerce shop to fully maximize our potential. As a group who has grown up in and around the video game industry we have an understanding of what it takes to make a great gaming website. We’ve witnessed the missteps of our competitors and we use them as our guide to being successful. It’s this combination of experience in our industry, understanding our customer base and a creativity to create and implement new ideas that not only makes us unique but will ultimately lead us to the success we’ve envisioned since we started our company.


Our business is involved with the community we serve.

Our staff is firmly committed to our community. Our executive team were all born and raised in Oakland, CA and love the city for its diversity, creative spirit but most of all its incredible potential. Last year RRB Games sponsored and hosted a charity video game tournament and toy drive that raised hundreds of dollars in cash and toys which were donated to Children’s Hospital Oakland. This year we want to further our efforts by receiving official event status to help elevate our event’s profile which we hope will help raise attendance and the amount of donations we collect in cash and toys.


What would a $250k grant mean to our business plan? It will ensure long-term growth and stability.

Since our inception RRB Games has had forward thinking ideas, a few that we’ve actually managed to implement however most have remained on the drawing board due to the sheer technological undertaking and their cost. Our competitors have unfortunately also put out similar programs and services. With a $250,000 grant we would be able to catch up and surpass our competition by being able to fully flex our creative muscles. We still have plenty of good ideas on our side and a grant of this magnitude would allow us to implement programs and services to boost our customer service, upgrade our technology and take steps into offering digital services.


Challenges are made to be conquered.  

Our challenges have been simple from the begging. They’ve been retaining our talented staff, upgrading our technology and carving our niche into such a competitive industry. While we’ve had our share of missteps we’ve also managed to get some things right. We have learned a lot over the years but those experiences have hardened us for any obstacles moving forward. Our biggest strength has been our resiliency, because even in our lowest moments our staff and our customer base have stuck with us. It is our resilience that has brought us this far and our refusal to give up that will help us overcome any obstacle that gets in our way. We believe in our company, our ideas and we know that the plan we’re building upon will lead us to success. It is this indomitable spirit that has allowed us to stay the course and overcome.


Our talent is key to success.  

Our staff loves what they do. It’s a fantastic group of people who have been here through the thick and thin. It is a pleasure being able to work with them and every single one of them brings something unique to the table. From their technical savvy to their magnetic personalities without them there is no RRB Games. They provide the framework and personality that makes our website go. book a room It’s mainly for them that I hope we are given this grant, they’ve put in so much and I’d love to be able to reward them. The saying goes that the measure of a man is in the company he keeps, with a staff like this I’m doing just fine.


Thank you,
RRB Staff