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Future of Nintendo based on their financial statement 2010


1:35 pm
May 10, 2010




posts 47

To the staff of RRBGames, especially to the Editor-In-Chief, Karli Winata:

As you know, Nintendo declared war on Apple! I don't think we'll see Apple retreating anytime soon. If Nintendo continues to slip as we've seen in their latest financial statement, do you guys see Ninteno will become like SEGA, making only games? Maybe one day make cames for the iPhone, or i(Whatever)? Will the \"3DS\" save them? Or \"Wii HD\"? What do you guys predict will happen to Nintendo?

10:11 pm
May 10, 2010


Oakland, CA


posts 104

I doubt now that with their resurgance that Nintendo would retreat from the hardware market. If there was anytime when that was at all a possibilty it would have been coming off the N64 debacle and continuing to struggle with the GameCube. You have to remember that even though Nintendo is struggling with their books it's just because they are merely coming back down to earth. I mean everyone and their grandmother has a Wii, but on the flipside the PS3 had nowhere to go but up. The first 2 years were brutal for Sony and not too long ago people were wondering if they should or would just cut their loses and bow out.

As for Apple I can't and won't see them as a serious games platform, whatever device, until they themselves decide to take gaming serious. I read not too long ago an article of how Apple executives, Steve Jobs included, did not want to have the stigma of being a gaming device. I see Apple as something completely different than Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft. I see Apple much more comprable to say Facebook Games.

Sega put themselves into a world a hurt with far too many bad decisions. Shenmue development time and costs, Sega CD, Sega 32X, Sega Saturn lost a ton of money as did the Dreamcast. That's lots of Research and Development, Marketing, Manufacturing and shipping costs on substantial failures. As beloved as the Saturn and Dreamcasts are they were utter market failures. That's about a 10 year span that put Sega on the brink of bankruptcy, and as I recall the only reason they survived it all was because of the merger with Sammy. Nintendo is firmly in the black and far too stubborn to leave when they know they can still make a boatload of money with a simple update like the 3DS or an HD Wii console.

"Real Stars shine Brightest in the Dark"

8:42 pm
May 11, 2010


In your nightmares


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Post edited 12:43 am – May 12, 2010 by Jas

Wolf, don't underestimate Apple.  Right now the games on my iPhone look worlds better than anything on my Nintendo DS.  Just to name a few high end games, Need For Speed, Resident Evil Degeneration, and Metal Gear Solid are looking beautifully on my phone and there's no way the DS could match the visuals or anything else.  The graphics are true 3D and are comparable to late Playstation 2 quality, maybe some are a little better than that.  In reality Nintendo's many sprite based games are more akin to those found on Facebook.

Nintendo is really between a rock and a hard place.  They don't produce machines with a lot of horsepower so they don't directly compete with Microsoft and Sony.  They also don't offer enough power or features on their portable devices so they will lose that market too.  If you want high end games you buy Sony or Microsoft.  Unfortunately if you want high end portable games you will also not be choosing Nintendo because phone hardware capabilities are surpassing Nintendo.  Why would anyone want to play a good sprite based game on a separate device if they could play a kick ass high res game on a device they already carry everywhere?

Nintendo is stubborn and arrogant as hell and they will not go down quickly.  They are not going to way of SEGA for awhile but I guarantee you that they will churn out several more mediocre gimmicky devices that will be supported by their first party games and a handful of third party titles.

9:01 pm
May 11, 2010


In your nightmares


posts 143

Post edited 6:40 am – May 21, 2010 by Jas

Let it be known I am not an Apple fan.  The only reason I have an iPhone was to spite them by hacking it.  I am in no way bias toward them because I don't agree with the majority of their principals.  But I call it like I see it and they have superior portable hardware and a slick way of purchasing more crap if you like to be legal with it. 

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