Burglary Cut from L.A. Noire, Would Not Fit on Blu-Ray

L.A. Noire takes up a whole lot of disc space, but there was more that was cut from the final product.Team Bondi co-founder stated that 11additonal cased would not fit on one Blu-ray along with the full L.A. Noire game.

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Rockstar: No Love for Team Bondi

Despite the enormous success of L.A. Noire, all is not harmonious between developer Team Bondi and publisher Rockstar. Apparently, Team Bondi has a such a poor work environment that the International Games Developers Association (IGDA) is launching an investigation. This dysfunction has also extended to Rockstar.

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IGDA Investigating Harsh Working Conditions Of L.A. Noire Developers

Scene of Cole Phelps interrogating the head honcho of Team Bondi

L.A. Noire was great right? Now let’s go see how the lame kid sitting in his own excrement over in the basement is doing. This past weekend, reports surfaced concerning the harsh conditions developers over at Team Bondi had to contend with during the production of L.A. Noire. It seems the International Games Developers Association take these accusations very seriously and have launched a full investigation into these claims.

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L.A Noire Review

I’ll only mention Rockstar and Grand Theft Auto once in this review simply for the purpose of putting down any notion that L.A. Noire is “Grand Theft Auto set in the 1940s,” or even that it’s a Rockstar game. It isn’t. Team Bondi developed L.A. Noire and they went for something entirely different. [Read more...]

L.A. Noire Official Release Date

Rockstar has officially announced the release date for Team Bondi’s classy- lookin’ and highly anticipated detective thriller, L.A. Noire. It will be released in North America May 17 and in Europe three days later.

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L.A. Noire Looks to Elevate Gaming to New Level

It seems that I have made a glaring omission in my article about the most anticipated games of 2011. I should have totally included the upcoming detective thriller L.A. Noire to my list, because dammit, it’s looks and sounds so sophisticated.

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