EA Files Trademarks for Syndicate

In 1993 I was a freshman in college, and over the course of several evenings in a smoke-filled dorm room I was absorbed in an engaging PC strategy game called “Syndicate“. According to Industrygamers, Electronic Arts has filed three separate trademarks involving Syndicate.

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Publisher: SCE
Developer: SCE
Platform: PSP
Genre: Music, Tactical
Players: Single
Input: Gamepad
Comic Mischief
Mild Cartoon Violence
Mild Language
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Addictive, mesmerizing, infuriating. These are a few words that best describe Patapon. Who knew you could mash together two seemingly unrelated genres: real time tactics and rhythm/music? The game’s simple, whimsical art direction and smooth animation really make it stand out. It reminds me of cave paintings come to life.

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