Kinect Gets First Mature Rated Title

The title of the article from MCV is a little misleading. They wrote it as Kinect gets its first “adult” title and my filthy little mind immediately thought of some sort of Kinect porno. Fortunately (unfortunately?), the “adult” rating merely signifies the standard graphic violence of Sega’s Rise of Nightmares.

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Dead Space Live Action Movie Possibility?

In space, nobody can hear you scream.  Even better, nobody can hear you used tired cliches. Anyway,  the Dead Space games are turning into a bona-fide sci-fi horror franchise, so it’s just natural that a movie version gets discussed. Though definitely not official, Visceral Games is throwing around the idea.

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Silent Hill 8′s Actual Title

If you took a look at the trailer for the upcoming Silent Hill, you may have noticed that it is raining a lot. It’s only appropriate that the official title is Silent Hill: Downpour.

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More Details About the next Silent Hill

I’ll say it again and again, Silent Hill: Shattered Memories is overrated. Thankfully, Konami decided to go back to what made the series great for the eighth installment of the survival horror series. Specifically, the press release mentions the early, classic Silent Hill games. To me, that’s the first three. The tank controls may be clunky, but were they scary? Hell yes!

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E3 2010: Silent Hill 8

Konami announced its eighth entry into the survival horror series Silent Hill. “Silent Hill 8″ is currently the working title of the next game as new hapless victim needs to unravel the dark and twisted corridors of the hell-on-earth that is Silent Hill. Just know if you ever wind up in this town, you’re royally screwed.

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Silent Hill: One Seriously F-ed Up Town

I don’t care much for most horror movies. The majority of them rely too much on gore, shock value, and the sudden appearances of the monster/killer/psycho. But when the horror is psychological-slowly built up from isolation, strange and abandoned surroundings, and enveloping darkness then I’m the first in line for the experience. Since video games are interactive, horror can be incredibly effective in this medium when done correctly.
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The very first Silent Hill was the most frightening video game I’ve ever played, and it stands as one of the scariest forms of entertainment that I’ve ever experienced. It didn’t shock you with jump-out-of-your-seat moments; instead it pulled you into its fog choked streets into a twisted, yet artful, psychological nightmare. When Konami announced this “reimagining” of the original Silent Hill, I was excited and eager to once again enter into its bone chilling embrace.

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Silent Hill: Shattered Memories has a Release Date

Konami confirmed today that Silent Hill: Shattered Memories will be released for the Wii December 8, with the PSP and PS2 versions to follow shortly thereafter. A re-imagining of the original game, Shattered Memories features a new interface, new storylines, and new gameplay features.

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New Screenshots for Silent Hill: Shattered Memories

The most horrifying quaint little town ever returns this fall with Silent Hill: Shattered Memories. It is a complete reimagining of the scary-as-hell original, containing the series’ trademark disturbing, psychological horror and moody, melancholy soundtrack by composer Akira Yamaoka.

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E3 Preview: Silent Hill: Shattered Memories

Platform: Wii, PS2, PSP

Publisher: Konami

Developer:Climax Studios

Release Date: Q4 2009

What Is It?

Silent Hill: Shattered Memories is not a remake, but a reimagining of the the ground breaking and disturbing original survival horror game. Harry Mason returns as the game’s protagonist, searching the snowy town of Silent Hill for his lost daughter, Cheryl.

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