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Christmas is a-coming. Can you feel it? Can you feel your game store filling up with games you’ve never heard of? Have you seen the annual signs yet like the Call of Duty or Professor Layton games lining store shelves? If you haven’t you’ll see one this week.

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SoulCalibur 5 Review

Two random fellows on the street get into a fight right before your eyes. Much to your delight, the two fighters seemed rather adept at fighting as each fighter gracefully unleashes flurries of attacks upon each other. Inevitably, one fighter goes down after an intense battle of give and take with a good bit of mind games thrown in. Now comes the hard part. Do you care as to why these two seemingly random people started fighting each other? Or do you only care that the two put on a very entertaining show of strength and guile? In the case of most fighting games, we don’t care as to why the characters in the roster list decided to pick a fight with the other characters on the roster list, but the SoulCalibur series has a rather special distinction of being a fighting game that had a story underneath it that doesn’t involve a freakin’ combat tournament.

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SoulCalibur IV


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Publisher: Namco
Developer: Namco
Platform: Xbox 360,
Playstation 3
Genre: Fighting
Players: Single, Multiplayer
Input: Gamepad
Mild Language
Partial Nudity
Sexual Themes
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Never one to rest on their laurels, Namco succeeded in keeping to the high standards of the Soul Calibur series with SoulCalibur 4. [Read more...]