Coming Soon! 11/5/2012

November has come once again to grace its presence upon the games industry. You can tell because every store that carries new games visibly sinks a little bit every Tuesday. So then, what jewel shall we find in this week’s pile of new games?

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Rampage: Total Destruction


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Publisher: Midway
Developer: Midway
Platform: Wii
Genre: Action
Players: Single, Multiplayer
Input: Wii Remote, Nunchuk
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Going into this game I knew there was a possibility I’d be playing crap, it turned out to be a half truth. I’ve played Rampage before, although that was a few console generations ago, but still I kind of knew what to expect.

The biggest disappointment with the game is that it is virtually unchanged from the game I played years ago. Yes, it is entirely fun terrorizing and destroying building upon building but the scope of the game remains far too narrow. In Total Destruction you take down one city block at a time, literally. You start the level “fenced” in to the level that holds anywhere from 5 to 12 buildings at max, and that might be a little generous. In this day in age where games allow you to traverse open ended environments to be so restricted was a huge disappointment, especially with a franchise that seems like such a perfect fit for a go anywhere, destroy anything mentality.

Rampage also sports the same gameplay from previous entries into the series – basically you go into a city and level it to the ground. You and your on screen monster rep cause ruckus and terror all for the sake of points and power ups, which are hardly any better than your standard move set. Unfortunately, this game is also marred by terrible controls that become so wonky and unintuitive at times that you feel like chucking your controller.

I love the goof ball feel to the game and its simple premise, but with simple execution and aging gameplay this Rampage game feels like it was passed by time.

Graphics: The monsters show some detail, but the backgrounds look like they might still be from the 80’s.

Story: Oh just your basic run-of-the-mill dudes get mutated into monsters and the go on a rampage.

Gameplay: Fun but awkward at times, still the same simple design that was fun years ago but restricting in the open ended design era.

Music and Sound FX: Please some one shut that guy up, the announcer talks about weather and traffic… monsters are destroying the city, news worthy may be?

Game Over: If you haven’t played a Rampage game in awhile this game will be fun, at least for a little bit, but be full aware that this game has been passed by other games of its ilk that let you do more than just punish a certain section of real estate at a time.

6 of 10