Coming Soon! 4/11/2011

I’ve never seen a month as manic as April. The first half has jack squat in terms of anything exciting, and the second half revels in the glory that is Portal 2. Unfortunately for you folks, we are still in the first half of. I guess you’re just going to have to enjoy killing things with music this week.

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In Stock

Publisher: SCE
Developer: SCE
Platform: PSP
Genre: Music, Tactical
Players: Single
Input: Gamepad
Comic Mischief
Mild Cartoon Violence
Mild Language
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Addictive, mesmerizing, infuriating. These are a few words that best describe Patapon. Who knew you could mash together two seemingly unrelated genres: real time tactics and rhythm/music? The game’s simple, whimsical art direction and smooth animation really make it stand out. It reminds me of cave paintings come to life.

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