Metroid 25th Anniversary Music Tribute

Not only is it Zelda’s 25th anniversary, but did you know it’s also Metroid’s 25th as well? Why no E3 announcement about that little milestone, Nintendo? Usually on anniversaries I write a tribute article chronicling the history of a series, but I already did one for Metroid two years ago.

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Guitar Hero: Not Dead?

Ever since Activision announced the official end to Guitar Hero, we were resigned to the reality that all good songs have been done and we were to delve into an ungodly era of Lady Gaga and Justin Bieber dance games.

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Speaking of Cancelled Music Games…

Amid news of Guitar Hero’s cancellation, Activision also axed the DJ Hero franchise. The reason being, according to Activision Publishing CEO Eric Hirshberg:” “Despite a remarkable 92 rating on DJ Hero 2, a well-regarded Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock, as well as a 90-plus release from our most direct competitor, demand for peripheral-based music games declined at a dramatic pace.”

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COD: Black Ops-Spreading the Wealth

$650 million in five days is an impressive number for damn well anything. The cool Black Ops ad with Kobe Bryant and Jimmy Kimmel certainly helped it along, but it also helped the Rolling Stones rake in extra dough, due to the song “Gimme Shelter” that plays throughout the spot, according to Kotaku.

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Rock Band 3 Out By Xmas-Will Anyone Care?

Edge reports that Viacom CEO Philippe Dauman confirmed Harmonix is currently working on Rock Band 3. It is set for worldwide release this “holiday season”. He announced it during the Credit Suisse Group Global Media and Communications Conference or as we like to call it “Party Central.”

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More Karaoke Nostalgia with Lips: I Love the 80′s

Now here’s a karaoke game taken straight from my iPod (along with Guitar Hero: Metallica). Judging by track list, Microsoft’s Lips: I Love the 80′s you get a group of your thirty-something friends and mix thoroughly with copious amounts of booze,  and you have the makings of quite possibly the best evening ever.

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Bates to Score the 40th Day

Press Release -

Montreal, Canada – EA Montreal, a studio of Electronic Arts Inc. (NASDAQ: ERTS), today announced that renowned film composer Tyler Bates will be creating the impactful score for the highly anticipated third person co-op shooter ARMY OF TWO:THE 40TH DAY. The sought-after composer, best known for his work on the blockbuster films 300 and Watchmen, is crafting an immersive score that will highlight the epic co-operative battles gamers and their friends will face in the first major videogame release of 2010.
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15 New Songs for The Beatles: Rock Band

Beatles fans can scream like it was the Ed Sullivan Show in 1964 now that MTV Games and Harmonix revealed 15 more of the 45 on-disc tracks that will be featured in The Beatles: Rock Band. Eight of the 15 newly announced songs can be viewed by visiting
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E3 Preview: DJ Hero

Platform: PS3, XB360, Wii, PS2

Developer: Freestyle Games

Publisher: Activision

Release Date: October 27, 2009

What Is It?

DJ Hero is a music game that simulates a DJ’s skills at turntabling. Utilizing the wireless turtable controller complete with crossfader, effects dial, and a Euphoria Button (counterpart to Guitar Hero’s Star Power) the player can mix beats, scratch, and improvise on the game’s licensed tracks.

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DJ Controller to be Revealed at E3

Riding on the popularity of Rock Band and Guitar Hero, hip hop fans may finally have a rhythm game to get excited about. Numark Industries, a leading manufacturer of DJ equipment, will showcase their controller for Scratch: The Ultimate DJ at this year’s E3 on June 3.

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