Coming Soon! 11/5/2012

November has come once again to grace its presence upon the games industry. You can tell because every store that carries new games visibly sinks a little bit every Tuesday. So then, what jewel shall we find in this week’s pile of new games?

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Coming Soon! 4/16/2012

This year has truly been the year of the Role Playing Games so far hasn’t it? We started off with Final Fantasy 13-2, went into space with Mass Effect 3, and two weeks ago we climbed up a titan in Xenoblade Chronicles. This week’s RPG will take us to a darker high-fantasy world with far more mature themes coursing through it. Interested? Read on.

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Coming Soon! 3/5/2012

Mass Effect 3 comes out tomorrow. You can stop reading the rest of this article now. Wait, you’re still here? What’s that? You’re not interested in stopping the Reaper invasion of the galaxy as we know it? Wow, I didn’t realize you exist. In that case by all means read on. Because, ya know, there are other games out there.

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Mass Effect 3 Will Have Multiplayer

According to Australian magazine PC PowerPlay the third entry in BioWare’s epic Sci-Fi RPG franchise, Mass Effect, will feature some form of multiplayer game mode.

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Coming Soon! 9/12/2011-ish

What the hell happened? After last week’s flurry of releases, we suddenly slowed down to near summer lull levels. Not to say that there’s nothing of note coming out this week. Just that the degree of the game’s “note-ness” is entirely debatable.

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ME2 for PS3 has Bugs, and not the Rachni

On January 18, 2011 the wait was finally over. Commander Shepard and the ethos of Mass Effect at long last arrived on the PlayStation 3. Yet, here we sit a little over a week later and I’m afraid I come as the bearer of bad some bad news.

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Your Mass Effect Costume’s Essential Add-On

So, Halloween’s coming up right? If you’re planning to go as Commander Shepard, here’s a guy you need to talk to first. Harisson Krix is a graphic designer who has the best hobby ever. He makes lifelike props from movies and video games, and his latest project is that of the signature assault rifle from Mass Effect (Pictured above).

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Mass Effect Review

RPGs comes in many shapes and sizes.  You’ve got your standard D&D style game with dungeons and dragons and knights.  You’ve got your JRPG with your spiky haired, androgynous protagonist and ludicrous plotlines.  Then you’ve got your Bioware RPGs.  ”What’s a Bioware RPG,” you may be asking.  Well, play anyone of their RPG, and you can bet that all they’re other RPGs are going to have some very similar mechanics.

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Mass Effect 2 (PS3)