Coming Soon! 10/8/2012

Still reeling from the shock that was Resident Evil 6. I feel you. Maybe a steampunk version of Deus Ex: Human Revolution will cheer you up. No? How about a half-naked princess fighting monsters? Now we’re talking!

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Coming Soon! 9/12/2011-ish

What the hell happened? After last week’s flurry of releases, we suddenly slowed down to near summer lull levels. Not to say that there’s nothing of note coming out this week. Just that the degree of the game’s “note-ness” is entirely debatable.

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Coming Soon! 6/20/2011

The worst part about E3 has to be the 2nd week afterwards as the new game/system euphoria slowly fades away leaving room for the jaded cynicism to take hold once again. Thank god we have the weekly game releases to comfort us right guys?

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Mario Kart Used to Treat Impaired Vision

What do carrots, cannabis, and Mario Kart have in common? They’re good for the eyes. A story on Yahoo! Games talks about a six year old British boy named Ben Michaels who suffers from amblyopia, also known as lazy eye syndrome. The ailment causes degraded vision that could become permanent over time. The prescription? Mario Kart DS for two hours a day.

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The Week In Review

Welcome one and welcome all to the recap to cap off your week with. If it happened during the week you’ll no doubt re-hear about it here, with a bit of a sarcastic and witty twist of course. They say hindsight is 20/20 so lets look back at the stories that broke this week that made us laugh, cry, gasp and say WHY GAWD, WHY?!?!?

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Mario Kart Wii


In Stock

Publisher: Nintendo
Developer: Nintendo
Platform: Wii
Genre: Racing
Players: Single, Multiplayer, Online Multiplayer
Input: GameCube Controller, Wii Classic Controller, Wii Remote, Nunchuk
Comic Mischief
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Mario Kart Wii continues to stand head and shoulders above all other kart racing wannabes, but this latest version is starting to show signs of… how should I put it… regression. I’ll get to that in a bit.

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