Coming Soon! 1/7/2013

Missed me? Well let’s pretend you do because I totally missed you guys! The last half of December had absolutely nothing coming out hence my absence. You could say game releases are like blood in the water, and I’m the shark. This week, we’ve got all of one game coming out, and that seems to be enough to wake me out of my sharkly slumber.

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MadWorld Review


In Stock

Publisher: Sega
Developer: Sega
Platform: Wii
Genre: Beat ‘em Up
Players: Single, Multiplayer
Input: Nunchuk, Wii Remote
Crude Humor
Sexual Themes
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Visually arresting, unapologetically vulgar, and unrelentingly violent, MadWorld is hands down the best action brawler on the Wii. [Read more...]

Sega ready to do the Corporate shuffle?

Sega has confirmed that it is looking to adapt its current management structure in a bid to more closely integrate its eastern and western divisions. [Read more...]