Square Enix Pulls Viral Marketing App for Hitman: Absolution on Facebook, Requisce In Pace, Wait Wrong Series

Sometimes companies get so big that it can be hard for everyone in the company to know what everyone else is doing. That’s fine when the only mix up this created is ordering the wrong kind of ink refills, but when the marketing side approves of and releases an incredibly tasteless, misogynistic, and quite possibly illegal viral marketing app to the general populace, you have a real problem at hand. This morning Square Enix released a Facebook app, “Hire Hitman” that lets you create a contract with Agent 47 of the Hitman series to take out your friends. Within hours, the app was pulled from Facebook and Square Enix issued a statement of apology.

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Homefront Review

Set in the United States under North Korean occupation, Homefront attempts to differentiate itself from other first person shooters with a unique back-story. You take control of Robert Jacobs, an ex-helicopter pilot, and fight in the American resistance. This grim scenario could have allowed for an incredibly interesting shooter, but instead fails to implement anything we haven’t already seen in the genre.

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Coming Soon! 3/14/2011

Need something to offset all that Dragon Age 2 you’ve been playing? How about the adventures of a resistance fighter fighting for good ol’ US of A? No? How about a Japanese mobster set in Tokyo? Not interested? Little dog with magical powers? Geez you’re hard to please aren’t you?

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Publicity Stunt Draws Ire of Environmentalists

In an effort to attract publicity for the upcoming shooter Homefront, THQ released thousands of balloons into the sky above San Francisco, only to have wind and rain propel the balloons right into San Francisco Bay. Homefront depicts a near future in which a nuclear armed North Korea takes over the United States. The box cover of the game also happens to depict the famous San Francisco landmarks of the Golden Gate Bridge and the Transamerica Pyramid.

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Kim Jong-Il Cut from Japanese Release of Homefront

Japanese publisher Spike will remove all references of North Korean dictator Kim Jong-Il when it publishes the Kaos Studios-developed shooter Homefront. The game tells the story of a Korea unified under the North’s flag conquering most of East Asia (with Japan capitulating) and then invading the U.S.

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Homefront-Fight for Freedom Trailer

Hey, the Transamerica Pyramid can’t be seen from that angle!

We haven’t talked about Homefront in a while. Here’s a quick refresher: Kim Jong Il dies, his son takes over, he somehow reunites both North and South under communist rule, Japan and the rest of east Asia are annexed, gas prices rise to $20.00/gallon and the dollar collapses, and somehow those godless commies take over my sweet America.

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E3 2009: Homefront Preview

Platforms: 360, PS3, PC
Publisher: THQ
Developer: Kaos Studios
Release Date:  TBA

The year is 2027 and America has been occupied by the North Koreans.  (I know right? I didn’t believe it either. Even when he said it was “plausible”.) There are pockets of resistance operating throughout the United States trying to restore freedom which is where the story is focused.   [Read more...]