L.A Noire Review

I’ll only mention Rockstar and Grand Theft Auto once in this review simply for the purpose of putting down any notion that L.A. Noire is “Grand Theft Auto set in the 1940s,” or even that it’s a Rockstar game. It isn’t. Team Bondi developed L.A. Noire and they went for something entirely different. [Read more...]

Coming Soon! 10/25/2010

Happy Halloween week everybody! Hope you got your Mario/Luigi costumes all ready and waiting. Despite this being Halloween week, the games just keeps on coming. What have we got this week? We’ve got Star Wars wish fulfillment game number 4,296, rock star wish fulfillment game number 8, life wish fulfillment game number 3, and finally a coup d’état wish fulfillment game number who-knows-how-many-by-now.

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