Coming Soon! 6/11/2012

Once again, E3 has come to pass, and now we’re left reeling with amazement of all the things we can’t ha… wait what? E3 sucked? Oh good that means you might actually pay attention to this week’s Vita game. Yes the Vita does indeed still exist, even if Sony seems to not care about it if their E3 conference is anything to go by.

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Coming Soon! 10/24/2011 – ish

Sorry about this week folks. Even the most hardy Coming Soon! authors can succumb to sickness. This week’s release list will be a little bit… sparse.

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Contra 4


In Stock

Publisher: Konami
Developer: WayFoward Technologies
Platform: Nintendo Ds
Genre: Platformer. Action
Players: Single, Co-Op
Input: Gamepad, Touch Screen
Blood and Gore
Fantasy Violence
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Contra 4 is a solid 2D platforming shooter much like all of its predecessor. Though the graphics harken back to the 2D platformers of the Super NES era, and farther back, the gameplay is really what counts. The simple mechanics of jumping and shooting have so much depth in them that the entire game feels fresh through out. It also helps when the game diversify what it is that you actually do from level to level as well. [Read more...]