Coming Soon! 4/9/2012

Now this is more like it. One week after the release of a massive game like Xenoblade Chronicles, we should get a short reprieve of game releases. I guess that’s one way of describing this week’s rather paltry releases. On the bright side, I get to tell you about an overlooked game out of last year.

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Coming Soon! 9/26/2011

Madden’s day in the spotlight went by over a month ago. Now soccer takes their turn to be in the spotlight with not one major franchise’s annual release but two. Not that all that many people around here even pay attention to such releases, but still, give the poor scrappy sport a break. I hear it’s big over in, like, everywhere but here.

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Coming Soon! 9/12/2011-ish

What the hell happened? After last week’s flurry of releases, we suddenly slowed down to near summer lull levels. Not to say that there’s nothing of note coming out this week. Just that the degree of the game’s “note-ness” is entirely debatable.

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Child of Eden Review

Games have been breaking down all sorts of walls and paradigms of late, and Child of Eden continues what Rez started back in 2002. Questioning just what exactly a game can be. On the surface, Child of Eden presents nothing more than an on-rails shooter experience, one of the more shallow gameplay experiences compared to the likes of a role playing game or a first person shooter. You have to lock-on to the enemies on screen before releasing a barrage of homing lasers at them. You also have a rapid fire laser meant to deflect enemy projectiles, but it deals very little damage to enemies. That’s it. That represents the entirety of the gameplay in Child of Eden, but paradoxically, it draws you in like any other, “deeper” games out there. It just does it in a rather unique way.

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Coming Soon! 6/13/2010

Whoa! Could you believe the stuff that’s coming out this Fall? Man, that was something else. That game’s graphics is sick! And did you see the new Modern Warfare 3 trailer? Who knew they could do that with pixels! Can you tell that I’m writing this before E3 even started? You’d have to be brain dead not to. Well, get your head back to the here and now because this week’s releases include the mythical/industry joke that nobody expected to ever come out. Until now. As for other releases, we might bear witness to the reason to own a Kinect aside from Dance Central, and finally, the 3DS justifies its existence. Read on and judge for yourself.

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