Bioshock Infinite Delayed to March 26, 2013, Just in Time to Celebrate Jewish Holiday of Passover

Pictured: Gamers target practicing for the NEXT time Bioshock Infinte gets delayed

Talking about yet another delay to Bioshock Infinite without bringing up certain other games that have done the same thing is going to be tough, but here we go. In a media conference, Ken Levine announced Bioshock Infinite‘s delay by exactly one month from the previously announced release date of February 26, 2013 to March 26, 2013.

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Latest Bioshock Developed Simultaneously, No Ports

According to Edge, technical director at developer Irrational Games Chris Kline posted some comments in a forum discussion at the company’s website. Members were talking about whether the upcoming BioShock title: BioShock Infinite would be build from the ground up for a certain system then ported over to the PS3. Such a move would potentially downgrade performance.

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Irrational Games Announces Bioshock Infinite

From the depths of the sea and now to the limitless skies, Irrational Games has finally revealed their once mysterious Project Icarus to be Bioshock Infinite. Despite the name, the trailer shown along with the description seems to show no relationship with the Bioshocks that we know of. Take a look at the trailer they posted on their website.

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