Batman: Arkham City Review

It wasn’t until 2009’s Batman: Arkham Asylum that the Batman franchise meant anything to gamers. Prior to Arkham Asylum the Batman name had been dragged through the mud with game after game that had no idea how to handle a character so varied as the Dark Knight. Arkham Asylum finally got it right allowing Batman to use both his brain and brawn. The attention to detail and loving care by the team at Rocksteady was incredibly amplified for the sequel Batman: Arkham City. Much like Christopher Nolan, Rocksteady on their second tour of duty with the Caped Crusader have created a masterpiece.

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OnLive Talking With Microsoft And Sony About Possible Collaboration

Out of all the gaming services out there, OnLive probably has the most unique service of the bunch. Utilizing Cloud computing technology, a low end pc could conceivably play games that would require a much higher end pc as long as it has a solid internet connection. Normally their service is available through a downloadable application for PCs and Macs, but they do sell the MicroConsole which is nothing but a small box that processes the controller inputs to send to the cloud and outputs whatever image it receives from the cloud. Although OnLive has been practically giving away these MicroConsoles, they are currently in talks with Sony and Microsoft to possibly use their respective consoles as gateways for OnLive’s service.

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Batman: Arkham Asylum Review


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Publisher: Eidos Interactive
Developer: Rocksteady Studios
Platform: Playstation 3, Xbox 360, PSP
Genre: Action
Players: Single
Input: Controller
Alcohol and Tobacco Reference
Mild Language
Suggestive Themes
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For my fifth Birthday all I wanted the Batman Power Wheels tricycle. I saw the commercials, I bought into the hype, I couldn’t wait to get on it and be the Dark Knight. I got my dream come true as Mom and Pops came through with the gift, but oddly enough the second best present I ever got, I got that night and it seems its all lead up to this. The second present my friends was Nintendo Entertainment System bundles with Super Mario Bros. 2. Here I am 20 years later still rocking the games, still reppin’ the Bats, so Arkham Asylum no doubt a fantasy turn reality. And friends I couldn’t dream up a better Batman game.

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Holy Playable Demo, Batman!

Gamers can get a taste of the dark recesses of Arkham Asylum and perhaps Batman’s psyche on August 7 when the  playable demo for Batman: Arkham Asylum becomes available on Xbox Live and the PlayStation Network. The Windows version can be downloaded from .The full game will be available in stores August 25.

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E3 Preview: Batman: Arkham Asylum

Platform: Xbox 360, PS3
Publiher: SCEA
Developer: Rocsteady Studios
Release date: TBD

What Is It?

Batman: Arkham Assylum is a 3D brawler with a heavy emphasis on stealth.   Joker has taken over the infamous Arkham Asylum with Batman in it.  As Batman, you’ll have to fight your way through the asylum and put Joker back where he belongs.  In a straight Jacket. [Read more...]