Nintendo of Canada Answers Burning Wii Mini Questions

Ever since the Wii Mini was announced a week ago, plenty of questions have arisen about it such. Why did they take out online functionality? What did the SD Memory Card slot ever do to the Wii to get the banishment treatment in the redesign? Nintendo of Canada’s director of communications, Matt Ryan the reason should be pretty obvious. Cost.

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Nintendo Announces The Wii Mini

After a hardware manufacturer releases a new console, it’s been a tradition that said manufacturer also releases a new form factor for their previous console. Nintendo adheres to this tradition by announcing (via Polygon) the Wii Mini coming out in December 7… in Canada. [Read more...]

YouTube Invades Your Wii

Perhaps finally realizing that their app isn’t on every device imaginable, YouTube announced that they have released an app for YouTube on the Wii. Now you can finally play YouTube videos on your big screen via a non-HD console. The app can be downloaded from the Wii’s Shop Channel.

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E3 2012 Winners and Losers

With all the E3 press conferences done and over with and the last day of E3 upon us *sad face* it’s time to start talking the obligatory winners and losers. So sit back relax and let’s heap praise on the winners while we scorn and heckle the losers.

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E-Reader Service for Wii U?

The trend these days are tablets. If you use a laptop in this day and age you are relic from a bygone era. Why don’t you go program your VCR and turn the dial on your black and white TV,  while checking the correct time on your rotary phone, Neanderthal? What was I talking about?

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Xenoblade Chronicles Is Finally Announced For U.S. Release

Update 2: In the official press release, only Gamestop and Nintendo’s website will be carrying the title for $49.99. I guess it’s time to cancel my Monado pre-order.

Update: Nintendo has posted on their Facebook page that Xenoblade Chronicles is indeed confirmed for next year. It hasn’t divulged any details beyond that, so the date on the now much more plausible picture of the Gamestop Listing has not been confirmed nor the possible Gamestop exclusive distribution nature of the game. Although, a Nintendo product page for the title has April 2012 as its release date adding even more legitimacy to that picture. We will keep you up to date on any new information on this matter.

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Nintendo, EA and Others Sued over Excercise Patent

The whole motion control era has sparked a seeming cavalcade of lawsuits claiming patent infringement, and Nintendo (along with EA, Namco Bandai, Konami, Ubisoft and Majesco ) is on the receiving end yet again.

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Nintendo Sued for Patent Infringement

It seems yet another company is bringing suit against Nintendo, this time with regards to the Wii. ThinkOptic, a firm that develops the Wavit Remote has filed a lawsuit alleging patent infringement.

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The Force is Not Strong With This One

Microsoft and LucasArts have confirmed the postponement of Kinect Star Wars. The game was announced and displayed at E3 during Microsoft’s heavily Kinect focused media briefing. Kinect Star Wars was schedule to be released during the holiday season.

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Skyward Sword Coming to Stores Nov. 20th

The European E3, better known as Gamescom, is underway right now, and as usual, Nintendo is nowhere to be found. That, however, isn’t stopping them from announcing anything new. Continuing Zelda’s grand old tradition of giving gamers something to do to work off their turkey comas, The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword will be coming out on November 20th.

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