Mario Fans Playing for Child’s Play

The next time your parents, girlfriend, or even your boyfriend starts nagging you because of your marathon session with your latest 100 hour plus RPG or something like that, I suggest you direct them over to (via 1up).  Brian “Shirt Guy” Brinegar, John “Couch Guy” Groth, and Chris “Slouch Guy” Deckard, all nicknames they came up with for themselves, have dedicated themselves to finishing all of the main Mario games in one sitting and will be streaming it in its entirety live on their website.  That means all 3 Super Mario Bros., Super Mario World, and all 3 3D Mario games.  Did I also mention that they’ll be aiming for 100% in all 7 games which includes (SPOILER ALERT FOR SUPER MARIO GALAXY) 100% completion as Luigi in Galaxy!

There is a method to their madness besides Summer boredom though, although I wouldn’t be surprised if that had a little something to do with it.  They’re hoping that visitors to the site will donate to Penny Arcade’s charity organization Child’s Play.  As of the time of this writing, they’ve collected over $26,000, and it’s still going.  Whether you like the Mario games or not, and who doesn’t, check them out, and if you can, share the wealth a little bit.  It’s for a real good cause.


  1. Ron Aquino says:

    Now that’s what I call “Mario Madness”! LOL, get it??

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