Resistance Retribution


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Publisher: SCEA
Developer: Sony Bend
Platform: PSP
Genre: Third Person Shooter
Players: Single, Multiplayer
Input: Gamepad
Blood and Gore
Partial Nudity
Strong Language
Suggestive Themes
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As a sequel/side story to Resistance: Fall of Man for the PS3, Resistance Retribution follows the story of ex British Royal Marine James Grayson, who is out for…uh, retribution.

Taking place in 1951, he sets out to kill as many alien Chimera as he can to avenge his brother. Since the main character is British and to celebrate our special relationship with the UK, I will substitute American English with the Queen’s English where appropriate. So it’s colour instead of color, lorry for truck, and flat for apartment. Of course we can’t forget the metric system.

Retribution takes advantage of the limited inputs of the PSP. Thankfully, the game is a third person rather than first person shooter. The analog nub moves Grayson, while the face buttons point him in different directions. He automatically takes cover where appropriate, popping up to take aim at the nearest enemies. Coupled with a huge arsenal of weapons along with their respective secondary functions, you’ll be blowing stuff up real good in a short period of time. But it’s also about using the best weapon in each situation as much as shooting aliens to hell. For example, I found that using the plasma rifle worked best against machines like drones, whereas for Chimeran grunts I went back to my trusty standard issue assault rifle. You’ll also find obvious times to use the sniper rifle, rocket launcher, and the Auger, a weapon that can shoot through walls. However, collision detection in the game is not without its flaws. There were a few times where I had a clear shot at a sharp angle against a stationary enemy, only to have my shots hit the same barrier that I thought wasn’t in the way. There are also certain enemies that have to be killed with headshots, and when they didn’t register it made me yell “bullsh-“ er, “bollocks!”

The A.I. among allies and adversaries ranges from moronic to damn near brilliant. In the beginning of the game enemy grunts would just stand there getting shot (next to exploding barrels, no less.) In later levels they actually attempt to flank your position or even charge straight at you while their comrades provide cover fire. Giant Chimera Titans and flying drones still don’t take advantage of their armor and toughness, though. You will also have the unfortunate task of protecting allies which is fun or frustrating depending on what character it is. So if you’re covering your former Royal Marine commanding officer, then you’ll be fine. But watch out for a character named Bouchard. She will stand in one place with aliens overrunning the area as well as boss fights. She will make you redo the checkpoint several times because she’s just an idiot who gets killed a lot. She is the reason why I dread escort missions.

Resistance Retribution’s overall quality and presentation more than make up for some its more glaring flaws. It’s a fun shooter that keeps your head in the firefight with Chimera rather than fighting the controls. Honorable mention goes to the game’s soundtrack which conveys tension and mood at the right times and sounds straight out of a summer blockbuster movie.  It looks like it’s my last chance to use British English in this review, so…leave your colourful flat, hop in your lorry, fill it up with petrol, and drive a few kilometers to your local retailer and check out this game. Just remember to stay on the right side of the road.

"Well, I'm in a bad spot."

“Well, I’m in a bad spot.”


  • Cover system
  • Strategic use of weapons
  • Weapon variety through secondary functions
  • Music


  • Protecting idiots who stand around and get shot
  • Flawed collision detection

Final Verdict: Praise It

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