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Publisher: Ubisoft
Developer: Ubisoft
Platform: DS, PSP, Xbox 360, PS3
Genre: Strategic Combat
Players: Single
Input: Gamepad, Touch Screen
Animated Blood
Drug Reference
Mild Violence
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The console versions of Tom Clancy’s EndWar are tactical games played in real time, complete with voice commands and high production values. Seemingly as an afterthought, we have the game of the same name for the PSP and the DS, and what results has little in common with its bigger cousin. The handheld version is turn based, and as far as graphics are concerned it looks like it was produced with the leftover budget of its 360 and PS3 brethren.

The only common ground is the back story, in which the United States and the European Union are at war with Russia: World War III. Having very little to do with the console’s on-the-ground gameplay, this version is standard hexagon based strategy, with a bird’s eye view of the battlefield. In a chess-like manner you position your various units (infantry, tanks, artillery, bombers, subs, etc.) around the map in the movement phase then attack your targets in the attack phase.

EndWar‘s gameplay borrows heavily from Advance Wars, it even sports the split screen battle animations when units are engaged. Although there is a wide variety of maps and a long campaign, overall it is pretty generic. In the 360 and PS3 versions, each faction has distinct specialties. In this version, the only distinguishing characteristics of each faction are color and difficulty level. (The E.U., U.S., and Russian campaigns are Easy, Medium, and Hard respectively.)

On its own, the handheld version of EndWar is not a bad game. I do admit getting absorbed into the campaigns for about an hour at a time, eager to tackle the next mission. It is a competent, no-frills turn based tactics game. But if you are going to play Tom Clancy’s EndWar, you might as well play the full on console versions.

Pros: Mission variety

Cons: Each faction is pretty much the same

Final Verdict: Play It

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