Peggle Dual Shot


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Publisher: Pop Cap Games
Developer: Q Entertainment
Platform: Nintendo DS
Genre: Arcade
Players: Single, Multiplayer
Input: Gamepad, Touch Screen
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By now, I don’t think Peggle even needs any kind of an introduction.  In case you do, here it is.  You shoot balls at a layout of pegs.  Any peg that’s hit by the ball disappears after the ball falls off the screen.  The object of every level is to clear out all the orange pegs.  Simple right?  It is.  And therein lies the beauty of it.

Take Bowling for example.  Once you roll that ball, everything that happens next is beyond your control.  As you may have seen in some enthusiastic bowlers, they’ll contort their body every which way just to make that ball roll towards that last pin.  Peggle is exactly the same way.  After you angle your shot and let it lose, everything that happens next is simply beyond your control.  All you can do is watch it bounce around the screen possibly hitting all the pegs that you wanted to hit or not.  You can calculate all you want on the first 2 or 3 bounces, but after that who knows where that ball will end up.  And that’s awesome!  Because unless you picked a really, really bad angle, chances are that ball will hit pegs that you didn’t expect to hit at all.  The only time you need to think beyond the 3rd bounce is near the end when most of the pegs are gone and you’re down to your last 3 or so shots.  That’s when you have to make each shot count.  But until then, you can’t help but feel like you’re on some kind of mystical high.

Wanna know why it feels so good?  I’m almost certain the developers of this game are slot machine junkies when they’re in Las Vegas because just like slot machines, the majority of the rewards in the game are all sound effects.  As you hit consecutive pegs, the pitch of the sound that it makes get higher and higher.  Slot machines uses that exact same trick when the big money symbol starts showing up on the reels.  Also Beethoven’s Ode to Joy that plays at the end of every level is the perfect release to the level-long build up of tension in each level.  Of course, there’s also the score factor.  Hi-score junkies will enjoy the ginormous scores you can rack up in any of the 120 stages, but compared to the auditory rewards, it’s a side bonus.

This game might be a tougher sell for those who have already played both Peggle and Peggle Nights elsewhere seeing how this is basically a port of those two.  The Q Entertainment developed levels are the only new addition here, and that might be stretching it at $30.  But for those who have never tried it, this is an absolute must buy.  It’s simple and yet extremely addictive at a level not seen since Tetris.


  • Simple yet addictive gameplay.
  • Great use of sound effects.
  • Quirky characters and their power ups.
  • Spot on perfect controls for accuracy.


  • Not enough new content for Peggle veterans.

Final Verdict: Enshrine It

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