Ex-Vigil Games Devs Find New Home With Crytek

In a move redolent to Epic Games creating an entire new studio to give a couple of ex-Big Huge Games devs a new place to call home, Crytek has just opened a new studio in Austin, Texas comprised of some Vigil Games developers who recently lost their jobs due to the studio’s closure.

When THQ imploded in the last couple of weeks, most of its assets and studios were bought out by other companies, but Vigil Games wasn’t so lucky. They had no choice but to close the studio an layoff everyone. Crytek, based in Germany, has been opening up studios around the world, but hasn’t opened one in the US yet. The two seemingly unrelated circumstances has lined up to give us Crytek USA Corp with ex-general manager of Vigil Games David Adams at the helm.

The new studio comprises of Adams and 35 “experienced developers.” All of which, according to IGN who has spoken with Crytek, were from Vigil Games.

Source: Polygon

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