Web Based PlayStation Store Incoming!

Tired of having to turn on your PS3 to check out the PlayStation Store? Or are you just plain ol’ sick of the interface for it? Either way, Sony has something for you. During the CES, Sony unveils their plan to launch a web version of the PlayStation Store this month. From here users will be able to browse the store and buy content for their PS3. The next time the user turns on their PS3, their content will be waiting in the download list.

The PlayStation Store has come a long way from its original incarnation, which many have derided for its incredibly un-user friendly interface. It’s gone through at least two iterations with the current one being far more menu driven than any of the others. Although the Store does offer some wonderful content such as Journey, many still remember its awkward origins, and the less said about the 2011 PSN debacle the better. Will this web version help the Store gain more traction?

Via: Joystiq

Source: CNET

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