PlayStation 2′s Era Has Ended

As inevitable as the rolling tides and the passing of a monarch, Sony has ended all production of the PS2, so that its progenitors may thrive.

Launched back in 2000, the PS2 won the console generation of its time hands down clocking in at 150 million units sold worldwide. Its competitors include Sega’s Dreamcast, which prematurely halted production in March of 2001, Nintendo’s GameCube, and Microsoft’s first entry into the market, the Xbox. Even combined their total units sold can’t compete with PS2′s lifetime sales.

It’s actually more surprising that it was even still being produced at all, but given Sony’s  inability to produce successful gaming consoles, handheld or otherwise, other than the PS2 and PS1, it really shouldn’t. The PS3 is only recently gained some traction. The PSP maybe successful in its home turf of Japan, but it became irrelevant everywhere else very quickly. It’s successor, the PSVita, is faring even worst right now. One could say that the PS2 is rolling in its grave right now given the state of the PlayStation brand.

Via: Joystiq

Source: The Guardian

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