Bioshock Infinite Delayed to March 26, 2013, Just in Time to Celebrate Jewish Holiday of Passover

Pictured: Gamers target practicing for the NEXT time Bioshock Infinte gets delayed

Talking about yet another delay to Bioshock Infinite without bringing up certain other games that have done the same thing is going to be tough, but here we go. In a media conference, Ken Levine announced Bioshock Infinite‘s delay by exactly one month from the previously announced release date of February 26, 2013 to March 26, 2013.

The reasoning seems pretty simple: Polish. “The game has to be the best it could possibly be,” Levine told the press. He believes that one extra month of polish will do wonders for the final product.

One look at the calendar, and one can’t help but notice that March 26 is the same day as the Jewish holiday passover. Conspiracy theorist, start your engines!

Source: Joystiq

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