Sony Patent for Hybrid DualShock and Move Controller Would’ve Made Voltron Jealous

Companies patent the craziest things, and many never see the light of day. That won’t stop us from peering into the many, publicly available patents for our “what if” pleasures. Today the internet unearthed Sony’s attempt at combining both the DualShock controller and PlayStation Move. The result looked a little bit like what you see here.

As you can see, this would replace both your current DualShock 3, Move wand, and Navigation controller as well. According to the patent, the controller starts out like a normal Dual Shock 3, save for the two orbs attached to the top of the controller, but it can then be separated into two parts each one basically acting as a Move wand. The controller will have built in sensor that detects when the controller is either separated or combined. Additionally, each half has a speaker, rumble motors, and an accelerometer.

This patent was filed in May 25, 2011, or about seven months after the PlayStation Move was released in the U.S., and given the indifference the gaming public has with PlayStation Move, don’t expect to see this patent show up as an actual product anytime soon. With that dies my dream for a water dowsing video game.

Via: Polygon

Source: Free Patents Online

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