Free Xbox 360 for Everybody! Sort of…

Perhaps sensing the oncoming tide of the “new” console generation, Microsoft has decided to give out free Xbox 360s… to people who already have them. Xbox 360 users have been reporting of receiving a new Xbox 360 (seen above) for being one of their “most valued members.”

Major Nelson confirms this generous act by posting the above picture. It is unknown just how many of these Xboxes have been shipped out and what exactly are the criteria for receiving it. One Reddit Poster says that he has been an Xbox Live member since 2004 (Xbox 360 launched in November 2005) and has gone though seven Xboxes before receiving this in the mail. His Gamerscore is above 275,000

Another poster who has received this Xbox 360 says that his Gamerscore is at the 100,000 range but has been an Xbox Live member since 2002. He too has went through numerous Xboxes as well.

So far, the general consensus as to who gets it appears to be for long time Xbox Live members, Xbox Live started in 2002, and since most members probably started sometime after 2005 when Xbox 360 launched, don’t expect one in the mail just because you’ve had the system since its launch. Nevertheless, watch your e-mail and answer those calls  from unknown numbers. It might just Microsoft informing you that you’ll be getting one of these babies in the mail.


Via: Joystiq

Source: Reddit, Major Nelson

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