E-Reader Service for Wii U?

The trend these days are tablets. If you use a laptop in this day and age you are relic from a bygone era. Why don’t you go program your VCR and turn the dial on your black and white TV,  while checking the correct time on your rotary phone, Neanderthal? What was I talking about?

With the iPad, Kindle, and Nook all the rage, it seems Nintendo wants to get in on the action and position the Wii U as an e-reader. Along with laptops, nobody wants to haul big, bulky books around.

It is alleged that Nintendo is seeking to get books, magazines, and graphic novels that would be stored and streamed to the controller. Yes, possibly even your collection of tentacle-raping manga.

Nintendo is said to be “actively seeking publishers. ” The real concern is that users would be tied to their Wi-Fi range, rather than have the true portability of competing devices.

Source: MCV

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