Xenoblade Chronicles Is Finally Announced For U.S. Release

Update 2: In the official press release, only Gamestop and Nintendo’s website will be carrying the title for $49.99. I guess it’s time to cancel my Monado pre-order.

Update: Nintendo has posted on their Facebook page that Xenoblade Chronicles is indeed confirmed for next year. It hasn’t divulged any details beyond that, so the date on the now much more plausible picture of the Gamestop Listing has not been confirmed nor the possible Gamestop exclusive distribution nature of the game. Although, a Nintendo product page for the title has April 2012 as its release date adding even more legitimacy to that picture. We will keep you up to date on any new information on this matter.

Original Story: Xenoblade Chronicles has had quite a rollercoaster ride in terms of whether or not Nintendo will be localizing the game for U.S. soil, but today rumors of the game’s localization have started circling around the internet once again.

a picture of a Gamestop listing has cropped up showing a “Xenoblade Chronicles GS Exclusive” for April 3, 2012, and unsurprisingly it has caused a whirlwind of speculation that Nintendo will indeed localize this mythical game over to our shores. The “GS Exclusive” in the title has also cause some to speculate that perhaps only Gamestop will be stocking the game, but it might just mean that multiple retailers will have different skus of the game with different exclusive content, which has been rather common as of late.

If these rumors aren’t enough, Nintendo’s Facebook page has just posted three images from the game without so much as an explanation. This might not exactly constitute as a smoking gun, but the coincidence meter just went off the charts here.

Operation Rainfall, the grassroots movement committed to lobbying Nintendo to get Xenoblade Chronicles localized, has been reinvigorated with these rumors including urging all of its members to comment on the three images with thank yous. They’ve also urged its members not to cancel their “Monado” pre-orders, the code name for Xenoblade Chronicles pre-orders over on Amazon, reiterating the fact that the whole shebang still lies within rumor territory including the possible Gamestop exclusive nature of the title.

We will keep you up to date as more info becomes available.

Source: NeoGAF

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