BioWare’s New Project?

Last week we found out that BioWare was going to announce and debut their latest game at Spike TV’s Video Game Awards on December 10, 2011. Well today thanks to Game Informer (via Kotaku) we’ve got ourselves a sneak peek look.

In our weekly podcast I speculated, more like I was praying to God, that it would be a follow up to 2005′s action-RPG Jade Empire. However, from the screenshot below it looks like they are going in a very new and fresh direction.

Anyone else reminded of Borderlands or Rage? Other than this image details are being kept under wraps. This new IP is quite a far cry from the Dragon Age and Mass Effect series on which the studio has built its reputation. Of course more details will be revealed at the aforementioned VGA’s. In the meantime what do you think BioWare is up to and what do you want to see?


  1. Karli Winata says:

    Falling with Style: The Video Game

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