Wolf96′s Top 5 Scariest Gaming Moments

I’ll admit it I scare easily, I don’t like the unknown and I’ve been traumatized out of the water. Needless to say I’ve had a couple of moments in my gaming career that have more than creeped me out. Yeah sure a few of these moments are from games you really wouldn’t expect to scare the living daylights out of someone, but hey what are you gonna do?

5. ReDead take over Hyrule Marketplace (The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time)

This might now be the most frightening of moments but there’s just something so undeniably creepy about walking back into a seemingly deserted Hyrule Marketplace only to find out it’s been overrun with ReDead. The high pitch squeal alone sends a shiver down my spine but when they start to move toward you and groan you best believe I got the hell out of there with the quickness!

4. RE3 Nemesis stalking you at the police station (Resident Evil 3: Nemesis)

Nemesis as a character alone is creepy looking, but have him start stalking your main character and chasing her into a police station is enough to scare the shit out of me. Having something jump through a window is an RE series staple, and always gets the job done. Having Nemesis jump through the window is the impetus of my nightmare. Thanks for the memories RE3… not!

3. Intro to Dead Space (Dead Space)

Yes, I’m sure many will argue the intro to Dead Space 2 is far scarier, but I’m so traumatized I can’t get past this first game! You’re a simple space engineer who just happens to watch as most of his crew gets torn to bits on the other side of the glass panel, you run for your life but you still don’t have any weapons. Then as you finally reach the safe haven of an elevator a Necromorph (the cause of many of my discomforts with this game) jumps at you lunging for blood, of course it’s all a ruse to get your adrenaline pumping… and it works, on me. Even as you progress further into the game you get this sense of power and superiority as you dismember your foe limb by limb, but it’s too late and if already seen too much. This feeling of discomfort won’t subside and I’m always looking behind me, wondering, nay, fearing what is around the next corner. Damn you Dead Space, you scare the shit out of me!

2. Batman vs the Shark (Batman: Arkham City)

This is one of those things that on the surface just don’t seem like a lot, but for me it’s an impromptu horrorfest from worst nightmares past! You see as a kid I had the wonderful idea of watching this movie about a shark named Jaws, heard of it? Clearly I have and every day since if had this fear of the ocean, hell even hotel swimming pools, why? Because sharks live in water and I want to live so I stay out of water. Hell, I can barely play Endless Ocean without freaking out at the sight of a shark, a game you cannot be attacked or even die in. Apparently Rocksteady didn’t get this memo because as a traversed the Iceberg Lounge none other than a great white shark came out of the water to give me quite the scare. But it gets worse. As I finish an objective I return to the room to find the ice melted, I think cool I can get around without having to worry about the ice break under me. So I spot a raft and I know I can make the jump-glide over. Only except I can’t and I didn’t. Instead what happened next will haunt me for the rest of my life – A SHARK ATE ME, A MOTHER FUCKING SHARK ATE ME! I’ve since have come to terms with it, after more than one sleepless night, but believe you me still never going into the water.

1. Anything Fatal Frame (Fatal Frame)

What could possibly top your worst fear come to life? Oh right a little Japanese horror franchise by the name of Fatal Frame. I’ve unfortunately played the first game and as unnerving as it is to play an over powered space engineer for me, imagine playing as a young woman whose only weapon is a camera… a fucking camera! I must have blocked it out but I apparently finished the introduction chapter because all I remember now is pressing start, hearing something about having a brother missing, walking into the mansion taking one look at the first ghost and calling it quits forever. Thank you Fatal Frame you’re the reason I’m closing in on 30 and still sleeping with a nightlight on… and a camera next to me, you know just in case.

Am I just an incredibly huge wimp or am I right to be scared? Have your own scary moments to share feel free to sound off! Now if you’ll excuse me I’ve got to get back to the fetal position.


  1. Ron Aquino says:

    Anything in the original Silent Hill, the original Resident Evil, and the first Alone in the Dark on the PC.

  2. Angie7F says:

    I had a great laugh reading this article:)
    Why is it that the Japanese seem to be good at scaring the s*** out of people?
    Only Paranormal Activity freaks me out if it is from hollywood, but japanese movies are just toooooo scary. (Take Juon, of instance)

    My most scariest movie ever is Joyu-rei (Actress Ghost), and scariest game is Labyrinth of the Goblin.

    LOG is perpetually scary through out the game. seriously…

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