Grand Theft Auto V Announced

Not the official Logo

While rumors have been around for awhile, and I picked it to make its’ debut at E3 2011 back in June, today Rockstar Games has made it official – Grand Theft Auto V is coming to a console near you.

No details have been given or announced about the game, however the only smidgen of information was GTA V’s logo with the subtitle “Trailer 11.2.11″. With less than a week until November 2nd we won’t have to wait too long to dive back into the gritty street of Liberty City… or wherever else Rockstar decides to take us.

Now this is the official logo!

I’m a huge fan of the GTA series, as I’m sure many of you are too and I can’t wait to see this game in motion. What are you expecting to see, what do you want to see. Let us hear it!

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