Nintendo Sued for Patent Infringement

It seems yet another company is bringing suit against Nintendo, this time with regards to the Wii. ThinkOptic, a firm that develops the Wavit Remote has filed a lawsuit alleging patent infringement.

The patent named in the suit is U.S. Patent Number 7,796,116, which describes “Electronic equipment for handheld vision based absolute pointing system.” ThinkOptic has accused Nintendo of having prior knowledge that the patent would be infringed upon the release of the Wii.

Two other patents were named in the filing: 7,852,317 which describes a “Handheld Device for Handheld Vision Based Absolute Pointing System”, and 7,864,159 which summarizes “Handheld Vision Based Absolute Pointing System”.

ThinkOptic has even brought allegations that the upcoming Wii U will infringe on its patents. The firm is requesting a trial by jury.

Source: Industrygamers

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