The Force is Not Strong With This One

Microsoft and LucasArts have confirmed the postponement of Kinect Star Wars. The game was announced and displayed at E3 during Microsoft’s heavily Kinect focused media briefing. Kinect Star Wars was schedule to be released during the holiday season.

Alas that is no longer the case. A new release date has not been given and the reason for the delay has been cited as more development time. Unnamed sources have added that the early build of the game was showing lag and a lack of motion control recognition.

The most unfortunate piece to this news is the fact that since the standalone game is being delayed the previously announced Star Wars Special Edition Xbox 360 Kinect bundle is also being delayed until the game is ready. Fans looking to play on the R2-D2 inspired console or the C-3PO gold plated controller will have to wait just a little while longer. Surely a disappointing day to be a Jedi.


  1. jas says:

    Your lack of faith disturbs me.

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