Nintendo Stepping Into The World Of DLCs

During a Q&A session held in Japan last week with Nintendo President Satoru Iwata, he has revealed that Nintendo will be taking one step closer into the online world by creating downloadable content for both the Wii U and the 3DS.

With any other hardware maker, this shouldn’t be news, but this marks Nintendo’s first time into the murky waters of DLC. Thankfuly, Iwata has stated that he has no interest in creating things like stat boosts or other time saving, microtransaction style DLCs. Iwata says that doing so would be profitable in the short term, but Iwata is aiming to create long term relationships with customers. Instead Nintendo will focus on creating new content like new levels and anything that would extend the life of the game.

The idea of a game supported by DLC is absolutely nothing new in the video gaming world, unless of course you’re talking about Nintendo who seems rather adamant about entering the internet connected world, but if Iwata keeps to his promise about making significant DLCs, Nintendo could be taking the right steps in the online world. 3DS developers will be able to utilize DLC support by the end of the year.

Source: Andriasang

Via: 1UP


  1. Wolf96 says:

    Interesting, but with the big N and the internet you have to wait and see. I’ll be happy if they get the friends list right.

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