Sony Creates $20million Pub Fund to Promote Indie Game Development

Sony announced today that they are creating a “pub fund” of $20 million dollars to promote the development of Playstation exclusive downloadable games. The pub fund will be aimed at promoting talented indie-game developers and will act essentially as a venture capital fund.

Aimed directly at competing with the other giants in downloadable gaming, XBLA and Steam, this fund is a clear attempt by Sony to try and begin rebuilding public relations after the catastrophic hacking scandal from this past April. The scandal cost Sony an estimated $100million this year, and infinitely more in consumer trust. But more than that, even before the scandal the PSN has always felt like a repository of second rate titles and ports.

The PSN has always lagged behind other downloadable gaming services, and has never been able to gather the loyalty of the other digital gaming services. This pub fund may be Sonys last real chance at making the PSN a viable source of income for the company, and if it fails to draw people back in then gamers may expect to see Sony almost completely abandon the concept of online gameplay.

Source: Gamesbeat

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