Capcom Hears You, Promises To Never Do It Again

When Capcom decided to cut what they probably thought was an inconsequential feature out of Resident Evil: The Mercenaries 3D, they probably didn’t expect the large amount of backlash and press coverage over it. The good news for those who felt outright offended by this (I’m looking at you, Internet) is that you won’t have to worry about Capcom pulling this stunt twice.

Christian Svensson, Capcom Senior VP, did a video interview (via 1UP) over at Capcom Unity. Speaking of the save file controversy, he said that “in light of the controversy it’s generated I don’t think you’re going to see something like this happening again.” Svensson could not speak any further on the subject beyond this reassurance.

This “feature” does not interfere with the player’s ability to see any part of the game’s content, and so far, the only party that has been harmed by this quirk has been second hand retailers. Some of which have chosen not to accept them for trade-ins. Gamefly, the popular video game rental service, has marked the game as not rentable on their website and specifically states “This game is not rentable due to game save restrictions on the cartridge.”

Throughout this controversy, Capcom has stood their ground saying that the save restriction was not made with explicit intent to reduce its second hand value. Whatever their reasoning, we won’t be seeing this feature on any game from Capcom anytime in the near future.


  1. Ron Aquino says:

    Not being able to delete files is just plain stupid.

  2. Wolf96 says:

    I frankly don’t see why everyone is completely butt-hurt over this. I mean this isn’t a game where you have an overarching story or any real progress to save. It’s just a bunch of scores. If anything they should be complaining that they’re trying to sell us add-on content at full retail

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