PlayStation E3 Press Conference Live Updates

It’s been a long and incredible day, but we’re not even close to calling it a night! More E3 because, frankly, when can you ever get enough? It’s Sony’s turn in the spotlight, let’s see what they’ve got to show us.

5:19PM – Unlike Microsoft, Sony has opted to go for the montage video over a single game reveal

5:20PM – Jack Tretton takes the stage and it’s time to get this show started!

5:21PM – Wow this guy has balls, came right out with the PSN outage, impressive

5:26PM – Huzzah! Time for some Nate Drake in my life

5:33PM – Still looks pretty epic, picking that game up for sure on day one

5:37PM – So far no surprises, Resistance 3 demo up next

Insomniac has some of the craziest weapon designs, they’re awesome

5:41PM – Wow not very much screen time for these demos, I wonder how much Sony has up there sleeve… Well there still is that little thing called the NGP

5:43PM – Sony PlayStation brand 3DTV (24 inches) and special 3D glass for $499 with extras… nice

5:48PM – 2K Games demo of NBA 2k12, with Kobe Bryant! (I thought he was in Europe?) PlayStation Move support seems… too easy

5:50PM – Kobe got jokes!

5:52PM – Looks like Sony is countering Microsoft’s Kinect heavy conference with there own 3D/Move entrenched conference of there own

5:57PM – InFamous 2… the day before it comes out? Like they don’t have enough to show already

6:00PM – Oh nice, Starhawk! Always meant to get back into Warhawk, but never did.

6:02PM – Yay, Sly Cooper! Looks like the rumors were right

6:05PM – Dust 514, an exclusive PS3 game, will connect to Eve Online (same developer). That is pretty cool.

Wow Dust sure is one pretty looking game.

6:09PM – BioShock Infinite, really surprised this wasn’t also showcased by Xbox, the BioShock universe looks as crazy as ever

Looks like BioShock Infinite will be PS Move compatible

6:13PM – Ken Levine just pulled out an NGP… can you say segue?

6:15PM – Nope just more Move & 3D enabled games (Saints Row 3 & Star Trek)

6:18PM – Tretton is running through the EA lineup (SSX, Need for Speed: The Run & Battlefield 3) like he’s got something more to say… oh right I think he does

6:20PM – Kaz Hirai and the NGP time!

6:22PM – Aww he got my hopes all high, he’s building up to it by talking PS Suite for mobile devices

6:24PM – Aw here it comes! The NGP’s official name is the PlayStation Vita… did I hear that right?… wow disappointing

Worse console name ever? A. Wii, B. Vita or C. other

6:25PM – Vita is exclusive partners with AT&T… this just keeps getting worse, I swear I heard a couple laughs in the audience

The tech is still impressive but the name is absolutely terrible, is this a console or a refreshment?

6:29PM – Oh, Uncharted and I’m back in

Impressive… and not just because it’s Uncharted, those visuals are amazing

6:37PM – Ruin has PSP to PS3 compatibility, now that is some cool shit!

Too bad the game doesn’t look as cool

6:41PM – Holy crap! ModNation PSV track creation looks easy, too easy

Damn ModNation PSV will be cross platform with PS3, that is hella user generated content available on day 1

6:45PM – The Grandpappy of the user generated games LittleBigPlanet, I can feel the hype rising within me once more

Cross-platform PSV/PS3 or fail… yup it’s in there

6:48PM – Street Fighter X Tekken

Cole from InFamous is in this game too. Dude, I don’t think I’ve ever seem someone lose in there own demo, come on bro step your game up!

6:57PM – Hirai re-takes the stage: NGP coming this Holiday season, WiFi only $249, while 3G/WiFi will price at $299… damn that’s not bad

6:58PM – Tretton looks like he’s on to wrap things up, yup we out

Why am I not more excited? This press conference started off so well, but Vita… Vita? That just threw me through a loop. I wouldn’t have believed it had I not heard and seen it with my own ears and eyes. PS3 looks to have a very promising year ahead and Vita looks like an uber powerful handheld. Overall Sony had a really good showing, better than Microsoft’s for sure, but I’m sure the official name of the console known as NGP will be the talk of the town, or convention. I’ll just call it the PSV and move on. With that said, Uncharted looked awesome! For both the PS3 and PSV, definitely excited for those two games. However, I think the biggest shocker of the night was the PSV’s price point being as low as $249 and maxing out at $299, amazing! That’s all for tonight, I need a cigarette and a nap after all this.

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