Best Buys Offers Exclusive Content Via 3DS SpotPass Next Month

The 3DS’s SpotPass feature is about to get a little bit more interesting next month. Especially if you go to Best Buy stores. They have partnered up with Nintendo to release free content available only to 3DS owners who walk into their stores.

The 3DS SpotPass functions as a kind of faux constant connection to the internet. Meaning, as long as the 3DS’s wireless functionality stays on, the 3DS will always be looking for an open or known WiFi connection to the internet. Once found, the 3DS then automatically download content like an updated leaderboards or check for new system updates. Best Buy’s deal with Nintendo gives over 1,000 of Best Buy location’s in-store WiFi exclusive rights to distribute this free content.

No word has been given on just what kind of content this actually entails, and it won’t start until June 7th, the day of Nintendo’s E3 press conference.


  1. Wolf96 says:

    If this SpotPass is anything like their employees it’ll be another thing ignoring you while you walk the showroom floor

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