Grab Socom 4 And Get A Spot In The Resistance 3 Beta

The currently in public beta Socom 4 is set to be released on April 19th. If you pick up a copy you’re going to find an extra surprise in that Blu-Ray case, a voucher for the Resistance 3 beta.

The Playstation Blog let the news slip a few days ago that anyone who gets a copy of the “Full Deployment Edition” or specially marked standard editions of the game would get early access into the upcoming Resistance 3 beta.

It wasn’t mentioned exactly when the beta would begin or how long it would last for, but then went on to say the included voucher would have more information on a start date.

While the regular multiplayer in Resistance 2 was good it wasn’t the best thing ever.  The co-op on the other hand was addicting and very innovative.  I’m hoping this beta has some co-op modes for us to check out.

Source: Playstation Blog

Via: Joystiq


  1. Wolf96 says:

    Neither of these games particularly pique my interest. I played SOCOM Confrontation, far too tactical for me and the PS3 headset just didn’t feel right (and most people didn’t have have any)

  2. Sterile Prophet says:

    I really liked what Insomniac did with parts of Resistance 2′s multiplayer but for me the co-op was amazing. It had that MMO like grinding to it while you were wasting Chimera. But back when it came out the whole unlocking stuff in online shooters was still kind of new so it wasn’t so played out yet.

    Interested to see what Zipper brings to the new Socom now that they’re back in the development chair. I really liked MAG and I hope some of the stuff that game had is brought to Socom 4.

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