Nintendo Announces 3D Super Mario and Other Features for 3DS

What a surprise, Nintendo announced at today’s Game Developers Conference that it is working on a new 3D Super Mario game for the 3DS handheld. It will likely be a full 3D game rather than a 2D game with 3D backgrounds like New Super Mario Bros, because it is being developed by the same team behind both Super Mario Galaxy games for the Wii.

The 3DS will also be able to connect to the internet via At&T Wi-Fi hot spots and Netflix customers will be able to stream movies onto the portable. You’ll be able to watch Dances with Wol-, I mean Avatar, in full 3D, complete with that uncomfortable to watch yet kinda hot sex scene between the blue aliens.

These features were announced at Nintendo President Satoru Iwata’s keynote address entitled:“Video Games Turn 25: A Historical Perspective and Vision for the Future.”It should be retitled “NINTENDO Games Turn 25″, because video games have been around for at least 40 years. But I digress.

“There is great potential to increase the number of people who enjoy video games by opening up new game-play opportunities that are only available through the use of 3D,” Iwata said. “Nintendo 3DS will be the most connected Nintendo device ever, with its ability to link people via local wireless connections, while at the same time connecting them to people and content worldwide via hotspot connectivity.”

The 3DS will be released March 27 for $250.00. Users will be able to view 3D content without the need for special glasses. Among other features are a Nintendo 3DS Virtual Console will have a wide range of Game Boy, Game Boy Color, Game Gear, and Turbo Grafx-16 titles. Also, select classic video games will be remastered in 3D.

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  1. Wolf96 says:

    i wonder if you’ll be able to stream 3D movies from Netflix on the 3DS, that would be pretty cool

  2. Wolf96 says:

    Oh on a side note – RACCOON FUCKING MARIO SON!

    I’m just a little excited is all, between this and the maybe totally possible likelihood that perhaps we might get Shenmue 3 completely made me need a change of pants

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