Halo: Combat Evolved Remake Arriving This Year

OMG, it’s already been 10 years since the original Halo blasted its way into shooter fan’s hearts on the original Xbox. And to think there wasn’t even online multiplayer for it back then, everybody just fragged each other in a LAN party. Nothing like hauling multiple Xboxes and TVs into one room for team deathmatch.

Halo: Combat Evolved is indeed being remade by Timeshift devloper Saber Interactive. New art assets are reportedly being built from the ground up rather than simply enhancing the resolution of the original game. The audio, however, will likely remain the same. The game engine, as well as online multiplayer of this Halo remake remains unconfirmed at this time, but it will likely feature online co-op.

The remake is expected to be on the shelves November 15, 2011, which is the 10 year anniversary of the original Halo.

Source: 1up

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