Space Invaders Extreme


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Publisher: Square Enix
Developer: Taito
Platform: PSP, DS
Genre: Arcade
Players: Single, Multiplayer
Input: Gamepad
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I didn’t realize that Space Invaders is 30 years old now. This update reintroduces the venerable granddaddy of 2D shooters to nostalgic Gen-Xers. (Yes, I know…the 80′s were awesome. We get it. ) and youngsters who have never known a world without 3D graphics.

The concept is basically unchanged. Move your nondescript turret from left to right shooting down waves of invaders and UFO’s for high scores. Also, don’t die because you have limited lives. This time the pace is faster and more intense. Thankfully you have an array of power ups, such as lasers and bombs, that help you blast through some of the more relentless invaders.

It’s still the same game from 1978 with added welcome variations in enemy attacks, sweet power ups, cool bosses, and trippy visuals. This is an update of an old classic that is fun for the old coin-op vets and newcomers alike. Survival and high scores: that’s all you need to know about this game. It’s simple to learn, but requires practice to master. On the harder stages you will find a merciless difficulty that will bring you to tears. Boy, I sure miss 2D shooters.

Pros: New twists on classic gameplay

Cons: Backgrounds can cause eyestrain

Final Verdict: Praise It

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