New Features for Ocarina of Time for 3DS

The update of the Nintendo 64 classic for the 3DS, Zelda: Ocarina of Time, will have a more user-friendly interface. Just don’t expect a new dungeon or any other extra content. But even from these videos from Kotaku, the improved graphics are readily apparent, crisper and more detailed than the N64 version.

In first person mode, players can look around by either moving the circle pad or moving the entire handheld around. Swiveling in a chair will translate to looking around in the game, as the video demonstrates. This would make aiming with the slingshot or bow a lot easier when presented with a target that can’t be locked on.

Among other cool features is the inventory and map screens on the lower screen. It’s easier than having to constantly have to press the start button to get to these screens and assign items. Also the player can map four items instead of three like in the original.

Having the inventory on the lower screen will especially come in handy on the game’s notorious Water Temple. Nintendo’s Bill Trinen elaborated on what Zelda producer Eiji Aonuma referred to as making the Water Temple “more pleasing to travel through”:

“One of his long regrets was not necessarily the layout, or the puzzles or the difficulty of the Water Temple but the fact that the Water Temple involved putting on the iron boots on and off, taking them on, taking them off, taking them on, taking them off, to move up and down in the water. To do that you had to press the start button. You’d have to switch over to your inventory screen. You’d have to scroll around to get down to your iron boots and then. Of course, in between, you’re switching out the iron boots with the hookshot and things like this….

“He feels he’s finally able to provide the experience the way it should have been in the Water Temple: on the touch panel, you have access to your inventory, so instead of having to scroll down, to find all the different items, you’re going to have very simple and intuitive access to all the items and the equipment you’re going to need.

“Basically, with the new interface it means that instead of spending a good deal of time pushing around through your inventory, you’re able to focus on being Link, being in the adventure, solving puzzles and so on.”

I don’t know how I figured out the Water Temple the first time around, I doubt I’d remember how to now. There is still no specific release date for Ocarina of Time for the 3DS.

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