A Guy from Cypress Hill Sues Rockstar and Take-Two

Can’t you see the resemblance to Michael “Shagg” Washington?

What I know about Cypress Hill in a nutshell: made up by members B-Real, Sen-Dog, and DJ Muggs, copious amounts of dope both lyrical and actual, and how I can’t understand how they could just kill a man. According to IGN, backup singer Michael “Shagg” Washington is suing Rockstar Games and Take-Two Interactive for allegedly using his image without his knowledge in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.

The image in question is that of main character Carl “CJ” Johnson, whom Washington claims is based on his image and life story. Apparently in 2003 he consulted Rockstar on the nuances of street life for the upcoming game.

Despite being on the shelves for nearly six years, Washington claims that he only learned about the game this past July from his nephew. Guess that whole “Hot Coffee” thing never once garnered his attention. Washington is demanding 25% of the game’s profits, to the tune of $250 million on the grounds of fraud, misappropriation of likeness and infringement.

Take-Two responded that the suit is completely without merit and that they will fight it rigorously. I’d also question the timing of the suit.


  1. Wolf96 says:

    So apparently being a rap superstar, livin’ large – a nice house, big car- and coming up in the world wasn’t enough for the man

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