Contra 4


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Publisher: Konami
Developer: WayFoward Technologies
Platform: Nintendo Ds
Genre: Platformer. Action
Players: Single, Co-Op
Input: Gamepad, Touch Screen
Blood and Gore
Fantasy Violence
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Contra 4 is a solid 2D platforming shooter much like all of its predecessor. Though the graphics harken back to the 2D platformers of the Super NES era, and farther back, the gameplay is really what counts. The simple mechanics of jumping and shooting have so much depth in them that the entire game feels fresh through out. It also helps when the game diversify what it is that you actually do from level to level as well. The unfortunate issue with games like this, much as it was an issue back then, is the over reliance on memorization. Levels are hard at first only because you don’t know what’s about to happen. Once you do, it becomes easy. Despite this, the game is very fun throughout and has some memorable set pieces. For the hardcore gamer who started in the NES era, this is a blast from the past. For the rest, it might be a little too hard for their taste.

8.5 out of 10

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